About Us


Tim Kelly

Playing drums, singing backup vocals and interacting with the audience, Tim Kelly is truly a guy who makes you feel free to groove about the cabin. Widely known in the Kansas City area’s music community, Tim has played the better part of 20 years, including a stint with the Lonnie Ray Blues Band.

Along with bassist Dave Swiercinsky, Tim is a founding member of the Groove Pilots and also serves as band manager, booking agent and social director. His relentless energy toward the local scene has helped many KC-area musicians schedule performances and share stage tales with each other.


Dave Swiercinsky

Dave “The Candyman” Swiercinsky propels the band on bass and vocals. The Candyman has classical training on both the upright bass and the French Horn. On stage, he plays a variety of 4-string, 5-string and upright basses. On vocals, his renditions of Johnny Cash tunes are always popular with the GP crowd.

Dave's additional duties include setting up the band’s sound system, so he has become the closest thing the Groove Pilots have to a mechanic. And given his day job making Valomilk chocolate, we like to say that Dave is the sweetest-sounding bass player in Kansas City.


Terry Gann

Terry Gann adds lead guitar and vocals. He started playing professionally at age 15, and began touring the Midwest during his senior year in high school. Terry played with "JTN," which won the Miller High Life Rock to Riches Talent Search in Kansas City (the same year Bon Jovi won in New York, proving once again that location is everything!) His other bands have included The Truth, Broken Toys, The Members, Four Out of Five Dentists, The Cats, True Stories, Plain Jane, Jupiter Blue, Tequila Mockingbird, The Retro Rockets and a dozen other projects long forgotten.

In 1985 Terry also started playing as a "one man band" and still does. Terry moved to Topeka in 1986 and worked as a videographer and commercial jingle writer. In 1987 (when MTV played music), MTV Basement Tapes had Terry in one of its video contests, and he took second place.

In 2008 Terry signed with Retrospect Records, an online label focused on re-releasing hard to find recordings from the 1980s. The company re-released Terry's "If You're Listenin,'" which was only out on cassette back in 1989. The re-release includes a second disc of music videos.

The New Guys


Danny Button

A rocker that’s been circling the KC area for many years looking for a place to land, 

Danny Button brings soulful lead vocals, keyboards, guitar, and harp in for a landing with the Groove Pilots.  Danny released a 45 vinyl record with his first band in high school and went on to play the circuits of the Midwest in a traveling bands.   He’s paid his dues and has been rocking both sides of the state line since the 80’s in bands such as Blind Pony, the FuzzTubes, Sugar Bush, KC Meltdown, Knights Past and his Digital Dan &the Virtual Band solo act.  Check him out at:  www.dannybutton.com


Joe Salvato

Joe brings us in for a smooth landing every time with his great keyboard and spot on vocals. 

·        Joe is a founding member of the Kansas city band the Tripods with fellow pilot Terry Gann where he covered keys and bass in three piece band

·         Played keys and acted as producer  on many recording projects in the New York, Miami, and KC area, from mandolin folk music to experimental new age synthesizer driven soundscapes.

·         Psychotherapist by trade, wannabe professional golfer (with a long way to go),

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